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Checklist for Applicants



This is the checklist we use at USSS for each grant proposal we review.

  • Are name of Project and Author included?

  • Does author demonstrate expertise in area?

  • Is application complete?

  • Is type of project appropriate to what USSS currently funds?

  • Are goals and philosophy clear ?

  • Does project fill a need within UU RE and is it aligned with UU principles and sources?

  • Is age level/group specified?

  • Are amount of funds requested- appropriate?

  • Sample Lesson Plans – are they detailed, usable, and UU specific?

  • Is the project time line and completion date reasonable?

  • Is there a description of what final project will look like/ and how it can be accessed?

  • Is there a budget and a description of budget?

  • Are there any copyright issues?

  • Is there past track record or history with author?

  • How far-reaching is this project?  Can it be utilized by a relatively large audience, ie: beyond one particular congregation?

  • What communities is this content applicable for?

  • Is the proposal clear about collaborations and scheduling limitations?

  • Does the proposal honor our commitments to anti-racism, anti-oppression & multiculturalism, people and groups marginalized groups by race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, age, or ability ?

  • Inclusive of multi-generational communities ?

  • Is content is consistent with learning goals?

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