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We fund innovative, relevant ideas to support and deepen Unitarian Universalist faith formation.

 Our Interest: Growing Edges in Faith Formation




We love looking at all your great ideas! 


We are particularly interested in proposals to meet the challenge of adapting religious education to modern realities. Some of the issues we wish to address include:

  • technology application, 

  • declining church attendance,

  • competing activities, 

  • lessened face to face community,

  • and changing religious culture.

Examples of successful proposals could include:

  • Updated technologies and tools for effective delivery of UU religious education (e.g. A sortable/search-able database of RE materials such as curricula and stories.)

  • New resources supporting transgender individuals, families, and allies in our congregations.

  • Materials for young adult ministries.

  • Resources addressing white supremacy in faith formation

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